Safety begins at home.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have three young children.

I’ve also made no secret of the fact that I own firearms.

For these two very big reasons, when the media reports that a child has been killed by another child with a firearm owned by his/her parent, it eats at me.

My two older daughters, ages 7 and 10, have been to the range with me. My oldest has shown great interest in not just learning to shoot, but learning to shoot well.


Both know the rules of firearm safety, and anytime they are at the range with me, are supervised to the point of annoyance, as any child should be when dealing with any items that are potentially lethal. This, to me, is “common sense”. I have no problem allowing them to help me clean the firearm after a range session. They also know and understand what they should do if they ever see a firearm unattended, whether in our home or somewhere else.

  • Stop what they’re doing
  • Do not touch the gun
  • Leave the area where the gun is
  • Tell an adult right away

My daughters are both bright young ladies. They understand that, especially when it comes to guns, things can go bad very quickly if you’re not careful.

My son? Well…that is a different matter entirely…

He’s a typical 5-year-old boy.

I think.

He’s very intelligent, inquisitive, and loves to play. All wonderful traits, indeed. However, he has this horrible habit.

He has to play with everything.

And I do mean everything.

He doesn’t know how to NOT touch things. The “bull in a china closet” adage does not begin to describe him. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mother Theresa would’ve wanted to give him a good spanking.

For example, he spent some time playing in the backyard after school yesterday. We have a screenhouse back there, which is where my kids spend most of their time in summer months. Apparently, we left a bottle of sunscreen in there from last summer. This was a mistake.

The boy found it.

I can’t properly describe the results, so here, just take a look…


And forget about his mom taking him to my office when I’m not around…here’s what I’ll find when I get back…


That would be a roll of electrical tape, by the way. A whole roll.

You think I would leave a firearm unattended around this child??

To paraphrase one of my favorite Star Trek characters…

I’ve heard all this bull-dookey about so-called “Common Sense” gun legislation. My whole beef with this is that not one of these proposed laws would do anything to prevent the average violent offender from getting his hands on a weapon or doing harm to people. Period.

But there is one law I wouldn’t mind seeing, that I think even the most extreme-leaning left- or right-winger would agree to:

I, an absolute nobody in politics, hereby request of the Congress of this nation a truly “common-sense” law to be passed requiring that any person(s) that choose(s) to exercise his/her/their 2nd Amendment right to own a firearm for whatever reason (i.e. hunting, home-defense, zombie apocalypse, tyrannical government, etc.), AND who resides in a home where there are children aged 10 years or younger, adequately safeguard those firearms against improper, unauthorized, or unsupervised access and/or use. These safeguards can/should be in the form of a proper firearms storage safe, or, in lieu of this, the firearm(s) in question should be equipped with a mechanical locking device designed to prevent either the action from engaging, or the trigger from inadvertently being depressed. The safe may employ, at the owner’s discretion, a “bio-metric” locking device, to allow rapid access to the firearm should a defensive situation occur. In the event of an accidental discharge of a firearm NOT stored in this way that results in the injury or death of a child, the owner of the firearm involved will be prosecuted for manslaughter.

There. Was that so friggin’ hard?



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